POV-Ray OpenGL patch update (June 14/2003)

POV-Ray OpenGL patch update (June 14/2003)

Post by Ray Gardene » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 10:28:29

Lathe, mesh, and plane objects now preview
using specific wireframing methods. I believe
I've also patched all primitives now, so
there shouldn't be any more crashing/freezing.

Non-linear spline lathe objects wireframe crudely;
instead of tesselating the spline between segment points,
I just connect the points directly.

Plane objects draw using a light gray color
to avoid competing with other objects.

Source: http://www.daylongraphics.com/other/povray/patches/povgl.zip
Binary: http://www.daylongraphics.com/other/povray/patches/povglbin.zip

The website for the patch has also been moved, to

Ray Gardener
Daylon Graphics Ltd.
"Heightfield modeling perfected"


1. ANNOUNCE: New POV3ISO (POVRay 3 isosurface patch) -- beta 14

POV3ISO (POVRAY 3 isosurface patch) beta 14 has been released at

In this version, two features have been added.

1. "function" PATTERN_TYPE
     Users can define their original pattern using "function" pattern.  
  The syntax of the "function" is same as that of "isosurface" shape
  An example:

2. UV mapping to bicubic_patch
    In POV3ISO, there is a special map_type, "map_type 8", which was
  developed by D.Skarda & T.Bily for UV mapping to parametric surfaces.
  This map_type has been extended to "bicubic_patch" shape type by N.

R. Suzuki

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