Apr 20 Toronto Siggraph Event

Apr 20 Toronto Siggraph Event

Post by Michael McCo » Thu, 15 Apr 1993 12:03:34

Toronto Siggraph

What: ``Chance's Art'': 2D Graphics and Animation on the Indigo.

By:    Ken Evans, Imagicians Artware, Inc.

When:  Tuesday 20 April 1993 7:00pm-9:00pm

Where: The McLuhan Centre for Culture and Technology
       University of Toronto
       39A Queen's Park Crescent

Who:   Members and non-members alike
       (non-members encouraged to become members...)


Imagicians Artware, Inc. is entering into early beta site testing on Silicon
Graphics workstations of a new 2D abstract artwork and animation package called
Chance's Art.  The package will be described and demonstrated, and some of the
technical issues will be discussed.  Marketing plans will be outlined.  The
talk will also present some of the technical and business problems increasingly
confronting small startup software companies today, and some of the
opportunities this situation presents.

Time after the event will be allocated for hands-on demonstrations to
interested parties.  Silicon Graphics is graciously providing an Indigo for
this event.  Myck Kupka will also be demonstrating his computerized interactive
reflective stereoscope, which is installed upstairs in the McLuhan Centre, so
feel free to drop by for a demonstration before or after the event. BTW, be
sure to sing "Happy Birthday, Myck"...

The names of nominees for our Siggraph executive offices will be announced at
this meeting.  Nominations will still be open until the election at our
May 18th event; call Myck Kupka at 465-0943 or fax to 465-0729.  

Directions: The McLuhan Coachhouse is on the east side of Queen's Park
Crescent, just NORTH of Wellesley, SOUTH of St. Joseph St., BEHIND (EAST of)
39 Queen's Park Crescent, which is the centre for Mediaeval Studies.  

For information on Toronto Siggraph membership, contact Michael McCool via:

        Voice: 652-8072/978-6619/978-6027;
        Fax: 653-1654


1. Siggraph Toronto Event, Oct 20

Toronto Siggraph Event

A few clairifications on my previous posting.

Time: 8:30pm on Tuesday, Oct 20
        (Ends about 10:30, at which point we typically retire
        to Crickets for sophisticated adult refreshments.)

Place: Basement (Lecture Theater) of the McLaughlin Planetarium
        (on the east side Queen's Park, just south of the ROM.)

Who can come: Anyone with an interest in computer graphics.

We encourage people who take part in our activites to become members and
hence support those activities financially, but it is not required.
We also send announcement faxes and newsletters to our members in an
attempt to keep them informed.

At Tuesday's event we will be screening the Siggraph Video Review, but are
also encouraging, nay *insisting*, that people bring clips of anything they
have been working on, and be willing to talk a little bit about it.

We will be providing 3/4", VHS, Sony CRV LaserDisk (a la the LVR5000),
and slides.  If all you have is paper hardcopy, feel free to bring that
to pass around.

See you there!
Michael McCool.

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