Fast 2-D Clipping for Sorted Rect.

Fast 2-D Clipping for Sorted Rect.

Post by h.. » Tue, 01 Jan 1991 09:49:18

Does anyone know of any really fast algorithms for clipping
lines into X-Y sorted rectangles.

Thanks in advance -Jeff


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I need to know if two rects intersect or not.  I don't need the intersection
and the line of code should be as fast as possible, since it is called very

using IntersectRect could solve my problem but this can be done a lot

for example ViewRect is the visible part of my component and NodeRect is the
rectange of a node.  I need to know wheter I should paint the node or not.
if any of the points of the node are visible I should paint, if none is
visible, I should not paint.  Keep in mind that one node can be bigger than

If someone could help me, please do so.

Kind regards and thanks in advance.


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