Portable GUI toolkits?

Portable GUI toolkits?

Post by Martin Walk » Thu, 14 May 1992 01:56:20


We have just finished evaluating various multi-platform GUI development
tools, including Neuron Data's Open Interface v1.03, Glockenspiel's
CommonView 2 class libraries and XVT software's XVT (which we are still
looking at in fact).

The best of the bunch for our purposes seems to be Open Interface, but apart
from the development kit being fairly expensive, OI runtime licenses will be
required for the software that we produce using it. Incidentally, these
runtime licenses are far from cheap themselves, and would affect the pricing
structure of our products significantly. While we don't mind shelling out big
bucks to get a great development tool (which OI certainly is), we are not too
keen on the idea of paying endlessly for runtime licenses.

Our major requirement is a tool that will provide us with a _very high_
degree of portability between the platforms that our software supports,
specifically :

- SunOS with OpenWindows
- Aix and SCO Unix with X11 and Motif.
- OS/2 with PM
- DOS with MS-Windows 3 (this one isn't _too_ critical)
- Possibly other BSD or SysV platforms with X and Motif

So, what I need is any information on other tools that are available that
would do a similar job to Open Interface. What we want to avoid if possible,
however, is something like XVT that takes a "least common denominator"
approach to resolving GUI portability issues. Obviously a nice, clean,
powerful API like Open Interface's is also highly desirable - clearly we'd
like to reduce the learning curve inherent in becoming proficient with the
API of YAGT (Yet Another GUI Tool). By the way, an interactive GUI painter
would be nice to have, but is not essential : due to the nature of our
software, most UI elements have to be created dynamically at runtime. This
makes having a powerful API all the more important, of course.

Anyway, I'd very much appreciate any information or contacts that anyone
would be kind enough to provide me with. If there is sufficient interest
in this, I'll post a summary shortly.

Thanks in advance,


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My personal preference for most situations these days is Galaxy from
Visix Software in Reston, Virginia (703) 758-8230.

It supports Windows, OS/2, Mac, Unix (Motif & OpenLook)...


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