Details needed: Character Generation/PostScript project

Details needed: Character Generation/PostScript project

Post by Jay R. Ashwor » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 21:05:00

I am currently working on a project to design character generation
software for video systems.  I have used various different types of
professional and industrial CG systems, and none of them have
satisfied my concept of good user interface design.

Currently, I am not worried about the target hardware.  Current state
of the art PC hardware has the horsepower to support my plans.  I
think.  And there lies the problem.  

I need to know more about PostScript, as I'd like to use it as my
character drawing routine, due to the wide availability of fonts in
this format.  But, I don't know where to look for detailed technical
information on PS, any PD PS interpreters, etc.

So:  Are there any people out there who have or can point me to this
kind of info?  All help will be appreciated.  Reply via mail, summary
posted if interest warrrents, but I doubt it will, this is kinda
obscure.  (Except, of course, for people, who will want to
know when they can buy it... :-)

I will be starting coding on this project in a few weeks, probably,
other pressures behaving themselves.  The character plotting code,
however, will be a milestone, and will hold up the project until I can
get it figured out.

Additionally, if anybody has any suggestions for operational details,
or wishes to discuss the project further, email that too.

Thanks, all,
-- jra

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