Help: Grp IV Compressed *Multi-Page* TIFF files

Help: Grp IV Compressed *Multi-Page* TIFF files

Post by ta.. » Sun, 12 Mar 1995 03:20:53


I hope someone out there can help me...

I'm using a Windoze Scan s/w called Watermark.
It's scanning in my stuff and saving it as


The files saved out of Watermark are supposed to
be "fully compatible with other programs that can
read Group IV compressed TIFF format" (from the Help

So.... the question is... are there any shareware
or commercial software out there than can allow me
to open up these TIF files and crop each page, one
page at a time?

Thanks a million in advance.  Would prefer direct

site is horribly unreliable.

Mucho thanks again...

KenHwee TAN

BTW, have checked Aldus' TIFF specs - don't help much.
Most shareware seems to cover only single page TIFF files...