Virtual Tubingen : Using VR in human behavioural sciences

Virtual Tubingen : Using VR in human behavioural sciences

Post by Hendrik-Jan van Vee » Fri, 09 Aug 1996 04:00:00


In our lab we use virtual reality technologies to investigate human
perception and behaviour. Part of our scientific mission is to prove
that highly realistic interactive virtual environments can provide a
very useful setting for experimental studies in human behaviour. One of
our research topics is human navigation in natural and virtual
environments. In this context, an interesting question relates to the
differences in human behaviour between navigating in a real part of the
world (the natural environment) and navigating in a virtual model of it
(the virtual environment). To be able to answer this kind of questions
we started building a virtual model of the city Tubingen (this is were
our lab is). Currently we have modelled about 30 houses but we plan to
model the larger part of the old centrum of the town (500-1000 houses).
We aim for a high degree of visual realism using photorealistic
textures, which, combined with the high framerates necessary for
real-time inteaction, is of course very demanding in terms of rendering
hardware (we currently use a SGI Onynx RE2). After having modelled the
first houses now we would like to have some feedback about the way we
are approaching this project. So, if you're interested in this project
and can advice us somewhere, or if you just want to see some nice
pictures and VRML-models, go and visit our Virtual Tubingen webpage:

E-mail to me would be fine, but a discussion in the newsgroup wouldn't
be bad either. Thanks for your attention.

Dr. Hendrik-Jan van Veen

Max-Planck-Institut fur Biologische Kybernetik
Spemannstrasse 38 -- 72076 Tuebingen -- GERMANY

TEL:    +49-7071-601-631  FAX:  +49-7071-601-616


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