Repeating the selection and cropping of an area

Repeating the selection and cropping of an area

Post by Franklin Kittl » Sun, 21 May 2000 04:00:00

I would like to know how to select an area to crop in a graphic, and then
save/use the same setting on other graphics. Not sure if I am stating this
very well, but for example if you had captured frames that had text on the
top and you wished to crop several to eliminate just the area at the top
(side or bottom) where text was located so that all the cropped frames would
be the same size and contain the same area of the originals.

1. Crop to selection

Working through some tutorials and this one has me stumped.
I am unable to get freehand selection to be isolated with a white
background for the area outside of the crop. I keep getting a rectangle
which appears to be the maximum height and width of my selection. Anyone
know what I am doing wrong?

Graham Thorley

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