The Missing Font!!

The Missing Font!!

Post by Barry McCab » Thu, 15 May 1997 04:00:00

A few months back, I reformatted my hard disk to do a clean install of
Win 95.  I now find a font I used for a logo is missing, and I can't
figure out where it came from.  I now need to redesign the logo. Help!

The font is called "Baryon".  Does anyone know where I could get my
hands on it??

Many thanks in advance.

Barry McCabe


1. Announce: Font Fetch for QXP Opens Missing Fonts!

NRG Software ships upgrade to Font Fetch for QuarkXPress

Milwaukee, WI -- July 22, 1996 -- NRG Software, LLC., today shipped Font
Fetch 1.3, a QuarkXPress XTension that is destined to revolutionize font
management. Unlike utilities that collect fonts for output and analyze for
errors, Font Fetch opens any missing fonts in documents, libraries, and
placed EPS images, saving hours per week, that are accessible from sets in
Symantec Corp.'s Suitcase 3.0. Now QuarkXPress users no longer have to
write down cryptic names of fonts that are missing in documents and then
go into their font manager to find and open them.  Font Fetch is also
great for scripters who batch process files for output.

A version of Font Fetch for PageMaker will be released shortly, and will
be made available online free to all registered users.  

Priced at $99.95 (volume discounts are available) per copy, Font Fetch is
available world-wide through XChange, Inc. Call 800-788-7557 in the US and
Canada) or 415-864-7592 (fax 415-864-7594) elsewhere.

General product information, demos and updaters are available online at

calling XChange.

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