FS: games/graphics books

FS: games/graphics books

Post by Koshy Geor » Sun, 06 Apr 1997 04:00:00


        I have the following graphics books for sale.
        Shipping costs not included,
        and should be paid by the buyer.
        A discount can be given,
        if all/some the items are bought.

Black Art of 3D Game Programming
        +accompanying software CDROM
        -Andre La Mothe
        *Waite Group Press
        -stated price   $49.95
        -selling                $35.95
        -condition      good, bought < a year ago

JPeg, Still Image Data Compression Standard,
        -Pennebraker, Mitchell          
        *Van Nostrand Reinghold,
        -stated price           $59.95
        -selling                        $45.95
        -condition      looks brand new, bought < a year ago

The Black Art of Jave Game Programming
        +accompanying software CDROM
        -Fan, Reis, Tenitchi
        *WaiteGroup Press
        -stated price           $49.95
        -selling                        $35.95
        -condition      very good, bought < 6 months ago

Learning 3D Graphics Programming on the PC
        +accompanying software CDROM, which contains renderware
        *Addison Wesley
        stated price    $49.95
        -selling                $35.95
        -condition      slight fold on cover, bought < a year ago
                        but otherwise good

The Inventor Mentor
        *Addison Wesley
        -stated price           $33.00
        -selling                $20.00
        -condition      slight fold on cover, bought 2 years ago

SuperCharged Bitmap Graphics
        +accompanying 5", floppy, opened.
        -Steve Rimmer
        *Mc GrawHill
        -stated price   $34.95
        -selling                $20.00
        -condition      good, bought 1.5 years ago

The Post Script Refernce Manual
        2nd ed
        *Addison Wesley
        -stated price           $28.95
        -selling                        $14.95
        -condition      fold on cover

The WebServer Book
        +accompanying software CDROM
        -Mathews, Jones
        -stated price           $49.95
        -selling                        $30.00
        -condition      good, bought < 1 year ago

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