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  >   >  . . . the not-quite-as-quick or elegant solution would be with
  >   > taking screen captures of the page, reassembling them in Photoshop
  >   > converting them to CMYK--or in this case grayscale.

  > Thanx for this. I never thought of doing a screen grab but I guess it
should work since
  > I only need 170 dpi on the reduced grayscale  image. I'm never too sure
what dimensions
  > screen grabs are: are they the actual size of the selection area in
pixels... ie the bigger
  > the monitor, the more data you can grab? Presumably there is nothing to
be gained by
  > increasing the resolution above 72 dpi of the image which is being
grabbed? -- unless
  > that's the only way to get it to fit onto the screen...  

  > I guess I would end up with an image about 12 inches high at 72dpi on my
  > 20in monitor which should give me a  reasonable size end image at 170
  >This job isn't being out put on an imagesetter but if it were, and if I
increased the reolution
  > of the final image by reducing its dimensions still further, would it
print OK?            

150 dpi at 100% is usually enough for laser printing. If you feel you need
greater resolution, you can always increase your view percentage and tile the
captures back in Photoshop. One thing in PS that you can't easily do with a
Quark EPS is punch up the grayscale contrast

One hint about screen captures is that they always seem to be a bit sharper
when in bitmap alignment. That means viewing, capturing and placing in the
document in sizes such as 192, 96, 48, 72, 24, 36, etc. percent. (As opposed
to 200, 100, 50. 75, 25, etc.).

- Al Sherer, TRoU BBS, Chicago area


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I have an magazine color ad I created in Photoshop 3.0.5 and QuarkXpress
3.3r1. The file is over 40Mb and I want to reproduce the page at reduced
size and in grayscale. in another Quark document.

I figured the best route would be to save to big Quark file as an EPS and I
duly selected the grayscale option and chose to scale the page at 20 per
cent. The resulting file however was the same size as the original, ie
40+Mb and I was unable to open it in any app to inspect and/or edit it.
Graphic Converter might have opened it but it appears to require a RAM
allocation of 43Mb to open a 43Mb file!

I tried going back into Photoshop to change the original full page colour
eps to grayscale and then reimporting this in place of the original into my
ad document; then I tried saving as a Quark eps again. The file size was
obviously smaller this time -- but when I imported it into my new Quark
document it was the size of a postage stamp... a long way from 20 per cent
of a magazine page...

Can anyone help me out with this please?



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