graphics and THANKS

graphics and THANKS

Post by ljs » Sat, 06 Jun 1998 04:00:00

where you can get my graphics and wallpapers and.....

if you stay tuned, i'll have GAME WADS up  (more than just one WAD or
patch as i do now)  for the classix!  Doom2, HEXEN, heretic...

soon i'll start on the newer stuff!

right now i got one WAD up for doom2.

thanks for you input folks!  don't worry i'll have more WALLPAPER up

if you use my stuff on the internet, please give out the URL  of mine,
so others can reap the rewards.  i got tiny buttons too!  for anyone who
wants to link!

have a happy weekend!



1. 400x40, 88x31 graphic needed, thanks!


I was wondering if anyone can please make me a
400x40 or/and 88x31 graphic for my website.
If you have a web site I will link it back to you with
banner or link.


Text-  Make Money and More!
- money theme
- add shade and texture
- background: wallpaper money
- coins and money pictures

Or just make anything that would look good for my site.
Go to my site at,  to see what it
should look like.
Thanks for all your help and time!

2. Need a .DL viewer for DOS

3. Thanks all for assistance in purchase of Wacom pen and ArtZII graphics tablet

4. saving custom layout in modeler

5. My thanks for the ASCII graphics!!!

6. Q:using opengl drawing grey level picture.

7. Thanks for AI/Graphics...

8. CASH PAID for Siggraph Conference Proceedings.

9. Please post your graphics website to my LINKS page - Thank you

10. Looking for 3D Graphic/Pic of Rosebud - Thanks

11. Thank you!


13. tiff to jpeg ... determined answer, thanks, anyway