sega graphics

sega graphics

Post by Sanjay Sin » Tue, 02 Oct 1990 03:12:00

I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out with making
a 3-d graphics driver in C that accurately mimics how the Sega
games Out-Run and Afterburner create their 3-d effect.

For example when the planes in after-burner are close to you, they
are very coarse and jagged, but when they get smaller in the distance, they
appear smooth and crisp, not blocky. This effect is not all that
noticeable, but the technique must have some value because it is used
even in the most recent games Sega makes.

If anyone has any insights on how Space Harrier generates its visuals,
please let me in on it. I haven't seen better graphics on any
commercial game. Bar NONE.

Thanks for your time. (and patience) -I wasn't sure if
was an appropriate place to post or not.

Sanjay A. Singh.


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