Imagine Procedural Textures Available.

Imagine Procedural Textures Available.

Post by Alan Bucio » Fri, 28 Feb 1997 04:00:00

For those users of the graphics package Imagine For Windows
that don't receive the Imagine Mailing List, I just wanted to
announce that a set of free procedural plug-in textures are
available at:

These textures (called the "AB Textures") include "dented", "crumpled",
an improved "Fakely", a hurricane texture, and some basic color
utility textures. New textures are being added weekly, so come on
by and check them out.

Alan Bucior                             Hughes Aircraft Systems Division

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1. Procedural Textures/Shaders for Imagine for Windows


I just wanted to let people know that the AB Textures web site is
updated quite often with new and interesting plug-in procedural
textures for the Imagine for Windows 3D rendering package.

Those who don't own Imagine for Windows may like to take a look at
the page to get a look at my work in the way of programming shaders.
The algorithms are directly applicable to any 3D rendering package
and could easily be ported.

If there are any other procedural texture designers out there that
would like to chat about the subject, drop me a line.

The AB Textures web site is located at:

Thanks for listening.
Alan Bucior                            

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