Help with custom POV build

Help with custom POV build

Post by Ron Park » Sun, 13 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I'm trying to add some functionality to my personal version of POV 2.2,
but I keep running into a problem with output.  Specifically, when I run
it the display looks great, but I either get no output file or I get a
targa file with no headers, neither of which is very useful.  Here's the
specifics of what I'm doing:

Compiler: Symantec C++ V6.0
Computer: 486 SLC2/66 and/or Pentium/90 (both fail)
OS:       Windows 95 DOS shell build 490

I can run the official ICB version, and I can run a build of the
unmodified sources.  Here are my changes:

in PARSE.H, I added a token at the end and incremented the last ID
in TOKENIZE.C, I added the token and its textual representation into
                the array in alphabetical order
in PARSE.C, I added a simple function to parse my one-keyword, one-value
                global statement (My statement is of the form "depthmap r" for
                some real-valued r)  I also added the hook to call it when
                my token is recognized.
in LIGHTING.C, I added a global variable to hold the result of the above
                parsing, and I short-circuited Determine_Apparent_Colour to
                return a gray value scaled from the distance to the
                intersection point (0 distance is white, r distance is black)
in FRAME.H, I changed the relevant defines to insert my name

None of these changes should have influenced the output, no?  If I insert
trace messages into the targa routines, it says it executes the code to
write the headers, but when I then look at the file, it starts with FF's
(for an all-white target scene, without the depthmap keyword)

Does anyone have any idea why this isn't working?
Ron Parker


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