Double Sided Printing

Double Sided Printing

Post by Bill Bedfor » Sun, 04 Sep 1994 08:04:26

I would like to be able to get my bureau to print pairs of prcess colour
films so that the emulsion sides are opposite . ie for instance print

Cyan emulsion up
magenta emulsion down

Can any one suggest software and or work round that will do this

I am using Freehand 3.1 on an LC3.
Printing the two films separately gives registration errors.

Bill Bedford                            Designer of Photo-Etches



1. Double-sided printing ?

  In what may be a stupid question, how do you take seperate images
 and have them printed on seperate sides of the same page ?

 I need to distribute a few copies of an article I scanned to a class.
 The material numbers about 6 pages --> 6  .TIFs

 Now, in photoshop, these can be loaded as seperate images or load
 them all as seperate layers of a new PSD.

 But, how do I print image 1 on page 1 side 1,
 image 2 on page 1 side 2....etc ?

 Note that I'm printing these from a university lab printer, so
 manual paper feed will be too slow and obstructive.
 (This is the stumbling block)



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