Does anyone know any early info on SIGGRAPH '91 hotels

Does anyone know any early info on SIGGRAPH '91 hotels

Post by Herb Bar » Wed, 20 Mar 1991 00:33:24

Because of our weird budgeting procedure, we need to start making
actual travel and hotel plans now for SIGGRAPH '91.  Does anyone have
specific information on:

* dates,
* hotel(s) and special rates,
* registration costs (to SIGGRAPH, not to hotels or other),
* other???

I realize some of this is still not firm, but any hints would be
greatly appreciated.  Please send me a copy of your responses by email
(if you plan to post followups) since I will be out of town for a week
and otherwise miss your responses.  Thanks!

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1. Plane flights/hotels for SIGGRAPH '91

Now that you all have your SIGGRAPH '91 advanced programs, I thought I'd pass
on info about a good deal.  Check into American Airlines and the Flamingo
Hotel (which is evidentally across the street from Caesar's Palace, the HQ
hotel).  We found they had a junket deal that effectively costs us about $20 a
night for the hotel room when compared with SIGGRAPH's discount flight deal
(and, no, we don't have to bring $1000 in krugerrands or gamble 16 hours a day).
Las Vegas (a.k.a. Lost Wages) is the junket deal capital of the world, so
check around.  If you're getting your way paid by SIGGRAPH, you may not be
able to save them any money, as SIGGRAPH has it's own official travel booking
office and whatnot that you must use to get reimbursed.

For more information, check your local travel agent.  You could also call ours
(Stone Travel) at 1-800-631-6464 and they can tell you more the AA-Flamingo
deal.  Of course, by the time you read this the deals may already all be gone...

Just passing on what we've found (no, sadly, I don't get a kickback), even
though I can't take advantage of it (I'm a speaker),


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