Why SI is slow?

Why SI is slow?

Post by Daniel Rodrigue » Sat, 21 Sep 1996 04:00:00

3DSMAX and LW are complex programs and surely SoftImage NT is even more
complex but i cannot understand why it needs a very, very fast procesor
(Pentium Pro) to run and an accelerated 3D video card. What makes SI
slow, lack of fast processor of 3D card?

Anybody running SI on a normal P166/200 with a good 3D card? what

I'm interested about SI but it's not just buy the software, I must buy a
hardware beast as well!

        thanks in advance



I know it's probably been asked several billion times but is
there a conversion program (freeware or commercial) that
converts SI nurbs/spline models to Alias and back to SI.

ILM and other bigger houses obviously do, using their own
code I guess!

Just curious.

Geoff Suttor
Digital Video Productions Australia.


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