Rendermorphics Reality Lab & BRender

Rendermorphics Reality Lab & BRender

Post by Alan K » Tue, 07 Mar 1995 02:06:37

I'm looking for information about Reality Lab and BRender, but have
nowhere to start.

Does anybody know of any on-line resources regarding these 3D APIs,
or anything else that would point me in the right direction? Anything
to help me get started would be appreciated.


Rendermorphics Reality Lab & BRender

Post by Mr Seidn » Wed, 08 Mar 1995 02:33:31

Contact information for BRender:

Rich Seidner
US Operations (and elsewhere it seems ;-)
Menlo Park, California


Paul Ayscough
Director of Special Projects
London, England


Argonaut Software Ltd                     415.328.7841


1. RenderMorphics Reality Lab

Hey, I know it isn't strictly OpenGL, but I thought I'd post an article

My company is interested in acquiring RenderMorphics Reality Lab.  
Microsoft is not currently letting this API go, since they are in the
process of tearing it apart to create some Games SDK out of it.

If anybody out there would sell their Reality Lab, please email me
without delay:

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