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Please forgive posts to inappropriate newsgroups --- we are
eager to
reach those most likely to respond...

THE WRITE STUFF is a technical documentation and media services
firm in
Seattle, Washington.  We are looking for competent graphic
based in the Pacific Northwest who have professional experience
Computer-based training (CBT) design, Graphical User Interface
(GUI) design,
Instructional Design, and multimedia.

If you possess a background in any of the above and are
available for
contract work in the Pacific Northwest (and preferably Puget
area,  please fax a resume to (206) 524-9019.

| Phone: (206) 524-4423                                  Fax:
(206) 524-9019 |
|                        T H E   W R I T E   S T U F F          
|               New Media + Technical Publication + Translation
|                  5508 - 35th Avenue NE * Seattle, WA  98105  



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Is there anybody can help to show me how to use Intel MMX IPLimage
library Files?
A few sample codes will be useful....



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