half tones and silkscreening

half tones and silkscreening

Post by M. G. Devou » Fri, 07 Apr 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

Is there anyone out there who can tell me how best to convert graphic images
with half-tones to camera ready copy suitable for silkscreening?

So far I've learned that the silkscreening process won't print half-tone dot
screens much finer than 30 lines per inch. Also, the paint/ink bleeds a lot,
so anything over about 40-60% coverage is the same as filled. At the other
end of the scale, nothing much lighter than a 20% fill will even hold ink.
All this varies further with ink color, fabric color, and the weave density
of the silk.

Back when I had access to a postscript printer I could at least control the
half-tone dot pitch and angle of images I printed out, which was a wonderful
feature. How might I do that with non-postscript printers?

I thank you if you can give me any *part* of the answer!

Be well,

Mike Devour


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I generally save my scanned photo as tiffs for later use.  I need to
convert one of them into something that can be used in a newsletter that
is reproduced on a xerox, that is a screen half-tone.

Can anybody suggest a program, hopefully freeware, that will will do this?
ScanWizard for my Microtek V310 is supposed to do this, but only gives me
something that is way too dark without any chance of adjustment, and
having something besides a dot pattern.


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