wood + windowhighlight shader?

wood + windowhighlight shader?

Post by rene limberge » Mon, 06 Apr 1998 05:00:00

how can i write a shader wich looks like
the wood shader (or any other base material)
plus the windowhighlight (reflection of a window)

i think it has to be done in "LAYERS", but how??????

i wold be happy if anyone can give me a short
tip how to add multiple (already existing shaders)
to a base material

thanks so mouch for help



1. Wood shader


I've seen Larry state somewhere that "his" shaders are antialiased. Is this
true for the wood2 shader that comes with BMRT?
If so how does it work?

If it isn't can someone tell me how to achieve this, please.

I'm not sure my postings comes through so at least can someone tell me if that
part works.

Many thanks in advance/Erik

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