Dore' User Group Meeting at SIGGRAPH

Dore' User Group Meeting at SIGGRAPH

Post by Kevin Weil » Mon, 02 Jul 1990 21:45:00

< it was brought to my attention that my original article may not
  have had a wide enough distribution, so here it is again: >

The Dore' User Group meeting will be held Thursday, August 3, 1989,
from 10:00 am to 11:30 am in Room 206 at the Hynes Convention Center
at SIGGRAPH in Boston.  

Dore' is Ardent's advanced 3D graphics subroutine library which is
available in portable source code form (especially cheap for
universities) and features ease of use, a framework approach allowing
user defined primitives, device drivers, and renderers, and also
fast dynamic and high quality production modes from the same
scene description.

We will be discussing Dore' status and futures, and will be holding
an election of officers for the Dore' User Group.  The purposes of the
group include sharing Dore' related software, ports, and programming
techniques, and influencing (and participating) in future Dore' development.
The meeting will be of interest to Dore' users, programmers, porters,
and third party application and renderer developers.

-Kevin Weiler


Dore' User Group Meeting at SIGGRAPH

Post by James P. Galas » Tue, 03 Jul 1990 00:48:00

OK, here's a question for all you graphics eye-candy heads:

When will Pixar's RenderMan be out and how much will it cost?

Eager in Seattle,

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