CyberMaxx sellers

CyberMaxx sellers

Post by Bert Pee » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 02:20:00

Hello All,

  A few months ago a publicity for a magazine contained an add for the
*Maxx, a VR Headset.  As the price listed was much below the usual price
over here, I wanted more information.  However, the company selling the headset
only listed a phone number, 1-800-815-MAXX, which is unaccessable from outside
the USA.  If anybody could give me an RL or Email address from this company
('Hi-Tech' or 'Hi-Tech Direct'), thanks !


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Hello All,

 I have been told I cannot reach an 800 number from Belgium.  That's a pitty
'cos they offer VR products at a low price, and the number is all I have.  Can
anybody *please* give a RL- or Internet-address from this, or any other
company, selling CyberMaxx VR headsets ?  Thanks, really !

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