Importing Image Sequence in Quicktime

Importing Image Sequence in Quicktime

Post by SHeadsha » Tue, 22 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Is it better to save the stills as TIFF than PICT? For some utterly
incomprehensible reason, Quicktime won't directly open PICT files (it has to
convert them).

Also, will Quicktime maintian "dependencies" within a single movie. If I copy
and paste (not cut/paste) and image within a movie, thus using it in two
frames, does the overall size of the movie change? Alternatively, can you make
a selection loop numbered times and then move on?


1. Importing Image Sequences

Hey everybody,

        I've had some trouble using the "frame extension" option when
I go in to use an image sequence for a color map. What is the proper
way to indicate the frame padding and load an image sequence? I read
in the rendering manual about setting keys for the frame extension at
the beginning and the end of the animation, but maya can never find my
files. For example, if the first image in my sequence is
"image.001.jpg", then what does the frame extension value need to be?
I've tried using 1, 001, etc., but i get an error along the lines of
can't find "image.001.jpg.1" or can't find "image.001.jpg.001."  In
other words, it seems to be looking for the frame padding after the
file extension. Can anyone help me with this?


Jeff Fowler

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