HELP - loading fonts

HELP - loading fonts

Post by Steven L. Smi » Fri, 15 Oct 1993 01:50:43

I'm using the GL font routines (not the font manager) to display text.
The documentation talks about selecting other fonts with the font()
routine. However, there only seems to be one default font. How do I
load/select other system fonts? Does there exist any library routines
to make these seemingly frequently used calls easer (ie loadfont(),
selectfont("Times-Roman"), etc)? Thanks for any info.


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1. Help needed: Difficulties loading font in QuarkXpress 3.3.1

I'm trying to load a font into quarkXpress, version 3.3.1.  Although this
particular  font includes bold, italic etc. versions in my suitcase I am only
able to use the standard letter type.
However, when I load the font in another program, e.g.Illustrator, I _am_ able
to use the bold and italic versions.
Anybody can help my out on this one?

(using the option 'italic' for a character is NOT a solution!  ;-)

Thanx in advance

Huub Ritzema

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