help: which viewer's are available?

help: which viewer's are available?

Post by Michele M. Macalu » Wed, 11 Mar 1992 00:09:15

hi net,

here is anyone that know which viewer's are available under X?

I need this informations because at my company I'm starting to set up
a workstation that allow the Data Control employer to visualize the files
submitted in Data Control before their acceptance.

This files are in many formats, such as:

    CAD drawing    (AutoCad)
    CAE drawing    (Dazix Software: ACE ..)
    CASE Data Base (Teamwork)
    Documents      (nroff/troff (SoftQuad version for .PS macro), FrameMaker)
    Source Code    (C,ADA,Fortran,Pascal,PLM ...)

Before to start to create an X application or to decide to equip the workstation
whith a copy of all programs needed for each file format I ask your help.

One solution is to translate all file format in a unique file format:
what programs doing this?

If you reply via e-mail please send your reply to all this persons:

thanks for your attentions


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