OpenGL/GLX on screen-less server

OpenGL/GLX on screen-less server

Post by Per Krauli » Sat, 27 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have an application that creates an image file (JPEG, RGB, EPS or PNG
format) by rendering in OpenGL to a GLX Pixmap, and then reading off the
Pixmap. The application uses GLUT.

This works fine on an SGI with a screen (any workstation like the O2,
Indigo2, etc). However, it fails on an SGI Power Challenge. The reason,
as far as I understand is that there is no X display on the Power
Challenge. How can I circumvent or fix this? Do I need to get a 'Xsgi'
server process running on the Power Challenge, or what? I haven't found
anything in the SGI FAQs.

My application is supposed to generate JPEG or PNG images dynamically as
a part of a CGI script, and the web server this is supposed to run on is
the Power Challenge. I cannot believe that it is impossible to use
OpenGL on this machine simply because there is no screen attached to it.
After all, OpenGL rendering on this machine works fine if one sets the
DISPLAY environment variable to a workstation with a screen.

Grateful for hints.
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