anti-aliasing of straight line elements

anti-aliasing of straight line elements

Post by David Keeb » Sat, 15 Sep 1990 23:20:04

Hello there,

I wonder if anyone could point me to some good references concerning
anti-aliasing of short line elements. The basic concept I am familiar
with; it is the details of the implementation that seem to be
time-consuming: I don't wish to re-invent the wheel. Essentially, all
I want to know is how to place an "ideal" line element of given
length, thickness and angle onto a 256 grey-level screen (actually a
13" Apple colour monitor). The principle of setting the grey-level of
each pixel in proportion to the area of the pixel covered by the ideal
line is clear to me, but devising an algorithm to perform this doesn't
appear straight-forward.

The two references from the "Most Frequently Asked Questions" posting
that I have managed to find in the nearest library (Foley & Van Dam
(1982) and Rogers(1985)) were fine on the generalities but short on
details for *lines*.

Of course, the ideal solution would be some nice, simple, software,
ideally in "C"---or even a pointer to where I might find same.

This seems like a kind of simple question, though I've never seen it on

there is enough interest I'll summarize for the net.

Thanks in advance.

David Keeble

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Any suggestions?

David Max

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