aplle 15" tft Display

aplle 15" tft Display

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Does this display also work with other operating systems like BeOS and

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1. FS: 15" LCD Apple Studio Display, revB

FS: Apple Studio Display LCD 15", Rev B -- $900,
2 months old, original packaging, FedEx Shipping Included


I'm selling a Apple Studio Display 15" LCD monitor for $900. This is the
second revision, the base and front are clear, while the rear (which
shows through) is a dark version of "Apple Blueberry". This is a very
new monitor, it is not refurbished, has been used very little -- is in
new condition, as is the original box. I purchased this monitor a little
over two months ago, but am sadly selling it to pay bills (I'm a college
student). I have used the monitor very little, it's in excellent
condition with no dead pixels. I have saved the original box, packing
materials, and even the invoice. Because I would like to sell this soon,
and because I'm not a UPS fan, FedEx shipping within the US is included.

It's a wonderful monitor, very easy to move around and has a great
picture. I was using it on both an ancient PC and PowerMac G3, as well
as my VCR (it has RCA/Composite and SVIDEO/SVHS inputs -- I used it as
my TV). I have listed some more details below, as well as some URLs,
including Apple's product information and some reviews. If you are
interested or have any questions, please contact me at the .edu email
address below.


Apple Studio Display 15" LCD monitor
Model M6356LL/B (second revision/revision b)

640x480, 800x600, 1024x768
plus DOS/Linux/PC text modes
60 - 75 Hz (see Apple's site for more video information)

Video cable has a G3/G4 "PC Style" HD15 video connector, but an adapter
for older macs is included.

Invoice date is July 28 (1999), Shipping label from Apple is dated
August 1 (1999).


Display w/ main stand and "pictureframe" stand
Original Box w/ all saved plastic and shrinkwrap
Manual and warranty cards
Cables (clear!), Cable standoffs, video (PC->Mac) adapter
Original invoice and packing list
Basically, everything that it came with when I first opened the box.


Apple's Information on this monitor
(inlcuding pictures, QTVR, and a PDF data sheet):


MacAddict gave this monitor their highest product review score:

C|Net's Computers.Com gave this monitor an editor's choice award:

FamilyPC gave the monitor a good review (note, the picture is over the
older, dark-blue, somewhat buggy version of the monitor):


$900, FedEx shipping within USA included


Colin Anderson

(remove the "removethispart.")



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