Parallel Tracing (network rendering)

Parallel Tracing (network rendering)

Post by Ord » Mon, 01 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Hi to all,

is there a tool which is able to do Pov-traces of one project (Animation
or queued scenes) on several machines (in a network) at the same time.
(e.g. like 3D-Studio does it)?? If not I would like to try to write sth.
like that (you may send me also suggestions about this ) Please answer also
to my eMail-adress, because I'm not chechin' the news regularly.

Thanks Chris


1. Announce: Tachyon 0.92 (parallel/multithreaded ray tracing)

Tachyon version 0.92
Tachyon is a multiprocessor ray tracing system which can be used as a
standalone program, or as a library within other programs.  It supports
almost any Unix-like system, Windows, MacOS-X and BeOS, as well as
several embedded systems and high end supercomputers.

Tachyon is written in C, uses POSIX threads and/or MPI for utilization
of multiple processors, and can also run on uniprocessor machines.
Tachyon is easy to port to new machines, and is fast, using ray tracing
acceleration schemes to achieve good performance on very complex scenes.
(It will handle scenes containing more than 100,000 objects on a fairly
 average computer)

Tachyon 0.92 adds new ports to Linux on Alpha processors, and
MacOS-X, as well as a new multithreaded Linux build with runtime
OpenGL display.  This version also includes a performance fix which
provides a 70% increase in speed when rendering very complex scenes
with large numbers of objects.  The new distribution also texture maps
for most of the example scenes, although they have been decimated to
lower resolution for practicality of distribution.  Pre-compiled
binaries are made available for 14 platforms.

The Tachyon home page is here:

Tachyon 0.92 can be downloaded from:

If you have questions of need any help, please send email to
the author: <johns at>

Thanks for your time,
  John Stone
  johns at

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