convert eps to eps with preview???

convert eps to eps with preview???

Post by Thorsten Lüc » Thu, 02 Dec 1999 04:00:00


I would like to convert encapsulated postscript files (generated with
gnuplot) to eps-files with preview.
The intention is, to use these files with MS word and a postscript
printer, but for (at least untrained users) documents, where only the
placeholder of the eps-file is seen are rather "unusual" - and I have to
share my documents with others ...

Well - I could switch over to a pixel oriented format, but I would like
to keep the vectorized format (as these is smaller an resizable).

I tried <convert> from image-magic (convert xxx.eps
ept:xxx_with_prev.eps), but this did not work.

Any suggestions?



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