off-screen dialog box

off-screen dialog box

Post by m.. » Mon, 03 Mar 1997 04:00:00

how do you get a dialog box back on-screen when it's popped off-screen

the applet i'm concerned with  is Nudger, for Quark...
every once in a while, it will reposition itself off the screen...
we have 8 Mac's at work, and on the two that have decent video cards,
i've reset the window to 1280, and the Nudger app is down in the corner
so i drag it back in to the center, reset again  
(we usually run at 10x8), and everything's fine...
on the others...we've simply LOST the little *...

is there something i can reset with resedit, or in a preference

much thanks...

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1. Dialog Boxes off the Screen...


I had installed a dual-head video card but due to the fact that the two TFT
monitors being used were different resolutions it was not very successful.

The card was removed, and I reverted back to the larger screen.

However, now the dialog box for Open New seems to appear off screen, as this is
where it appeared in relation to the main app screen when I had dual screens.
The effect is I can hit Ctrl-N, then hit return and get a new image window.

Is there any keystroke to centre the current dialog box on the screen?  Any way
I can reset the dialog boxes to appear in their default positions?

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