Driver for a Genius SP2 scanner

Driver for a Genius SP2 scanner

Post by Philip Marriot » Sun, 07 Sep 1997 04:00:00

I have a Genius SP2 scanner that I am trying to get to work on my mac -
without success. I have a genius plugin for Photoshop but I think I also
need a driver (extension) as well.

Can anyone help me find one?

Thanks in advance
Philip Marriott


1. Genius-Scanner-Driver for MS Windows 3.1


I'm looking for a MS-Windows 3.1 - driver (TWAIN-driver?) for the Genius
GeniScan GS 4500 handyscanner.
Who can help and tell me where I can get such a driver? Does anybody now any
adress of Genius (perhaps in the Internet)?

Thanks to everyone who can help anyhow!

Thimo Bastuck.

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