Announce: GIF-video without plug-ins

Announce: GIF-video without plug-ins

Post by Vincent Verwei » Fri, 23 Feb 1996 04:00:00

Anyone using Netscape 2.0 can now see and produce cross-platform inline
video on the web without plug-ins. Demo's at:

Smart Dubbing  is a software utility which enables small videoclips to
be played on a web page as they download. In contrast to AVI or
QuickTime movies, they show their content as they load. What you see is
what you get. That's better than a QuickTime plug-in which let you stare
at a blank screen while downloading a movie. Smart Dubbing uses existing
animated GIF-technology, to show inline movies.

Macintosh demo available.


1. GIF plug-ins/transparent GIF's

Well, here goes. In reference to a small squabble going on about whether
or not to use a do-it-all-for-you transparent GIF plug-in (such as
PhotGIF, or others).

IMHO, plug-ins may be great time savers, but they do tend to remove users
from what is going on. When it comes to design and the web, people should
be tuned in to what they are creating. We all know how many cruddy-looking
web pages are out there. It doesn't take long to learn the hows and whys
of Photoshop's features, and in doing so, one takes command of the
knowledge necessary to design top quality work, in areas other than those
addressed by someone's plug-in.

As easy as it is to plug in a drop shadow filter,for example, one could
learn how to do it manually (it doesn't take too much longer than
selecting the filter and waiting for the apply time, anyway). And then
further learn how to modify it with colors, effect filters and some of the
layering commands to acheive results far beyond that of the basic plug-in.

Adobe's GIF89a plug-in, however, is a necessary feature for Photoshop to
create transparency and, indeed, export the file as a GIF with secial
palettes and interlacing, etc. Included is full instruction on its use.
And with it, users can know what the process is to making transparent
GIF's, instead of relegating it to a plug-in that does the job for you,
behind the scenes (against your will? Eeyyooo!)

flame on!

Charlie Wood

Frank Dog Design - Graphic Design & Consulting
Portland, OR

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