Looking for an Artist to help with amateur game project

Looking for an Artist to help with amateur game project

Post by Jason Houg » Wed, 31 Jan 1996 04:00:00

D'India Software mainly is comprised of 3 amateur game
designers (2 artists and 1 programmer). We work entirely
through email and internet "talk". We're posting here because myslef and
our other artist both are previous first place winners of the
comp.graphics monthly contest.

For the last 6 months we've been working in our spare time on a PC based
shoot-em-up game. Although it is coming along well, we've realized that we
need 1 more artist so we can get the project done in a reasonable amount
of time, and hopefully find a publisher.

We're looking for someone like us, a student or hobbyist who
is looking to get into this industry, but needs a project that
will help build your portfolio. Obviously, if the game gets
picked up and published everyone will get their fair share of
the profits. :)

You can use whatever software you have access to. We'd prefer
someone who can use 3D Studio or Lightwave 3D, just so we can
trade models back and forth if needed, but mostly you just need
something that can output .gif, .tga, or .fli/.flc.

Our biggest concern is finding someone who is enthusiastic and
talented. :)

If this is something you'd be interested in, please drop some

You can see some screen shots of the game at

We'd like to know what kind of machine you're using, software,
and what kind of net account you've got (can you ftp, telnet,
talk, etc.). Give us an idea of the kinds of things you've done
before, or point us to a web page we can check out.
If you want to send us some sample images in email, please
contact us first so we can arrange that with you.

Look forward to hearing from you,



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1. Looking for artist for game project

Hi all.

(this message is not about graphics per se, but it sure beats spam!)

We are currently looking for an artist to create graphics for a game prototype that will be shown to some publisher.

The person interested would work with us on the prototype WITHOUT pay (like the rest of us) until a deal is made with a publisher. Here are the specifics:

- Art required for a 2D, isometric computer game. This is not a PC, nor a Sega/Nintendo product.
- Science-Fiction themed. Aliens, weapons, computers, etc.
- Able to create animations for the various characters, weapons, bullets, etc.
- Understand the limitations of 2D computer art versus pen and paper.
- The person in question would be able to take criticism regarding his/her work.
- The created art would remain the property of the artist until a publishing deal is reached, at which point the art will either be purchased or the artist would be included in the publishing agreement. If the project is dropped for any
reason, the artist would retain all rights to the artwork that was created for the project.
- The person can be located anywhere, bur be able to provide daily reports as well as frequent updates on his/her work. Internet connection mandatory.
- The person may decide to work part-time on this project, or create his/her own schedule. However, there must be progress. A whole week without any work is unacceptable.
- No official training or education required.
- The person must have samples of his work available for evaluation. If none of your work is available, do this:

Download this image: http://www.techlogic.ca/grey1.jpg

Using your imagination, draw this alien from face and side, making him look "sneakier". We won't provide you with any other details. Use your imagination!

Work is to begin very shortly. Most of the design work has been completed. Only apply is you meet some or all of the requirements.

And if you are not serious about this, please don't write back.

Interested parties can email us to the address below. Don't reply to this message to post in this group.

We will consider everyone. Email CAN contain attachments.

Thanks and have a nice day!

Write to:

(I'm sure you know what to do with the above email address)

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