MacsBug questions

MacsBug questions

Post by Rich Sieg » Wed, 02 May 1990 13:30:00

Quote:>o  What version of MacsBug comes with THINK's LightSpeed C compiler?

        Version 5.5 is supplied with TLSC 3.0x.

Quote:>o  What is the most recent version of MacsBug out?

        Version 6.0 is current. (It wasn't when we mastered the TLSC floppies,
which is why it's not on the disks).

Quote:>My immediate problem is that I'm trying to upgrade LightSpeed C version 3.01 to
>3.02 using the upgrade archive off Sumex.  It's asking for the file "THINK C
>Degugger", which I had originally renamed to "MacsBug" and placed in the System
>Folder, if I remember correctly, during installation.  Later I upgraded
>MacsBug.  When I make a copy of it, rename the copy back to "THINK C De*",

        Whoa! The file "THINK C De*" is NOT a replacement for MacsBug, and
doesn't belong in the system folder. It's an application, and belongs in the
same folder as the THINK C application, and you shouldn't change its name.
MacsBug is MacsBug, a low-level de*, and it goes in your system folder,
but it is not affected by any patchers (at least, none supplied by us).

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find it in the manual or anywhere. Does anyone know? Please respond by

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