Connecting MacIISi with 10 gallon Aquarium

Connecting MacIISi with 10 gallon Aquarium

Post by Tod Am » Fri, 18 Oct 1991 04:55:19

Re:  Hooking up Mac to Aquarium / Data Acquisition

I've looked into this recently, and what I did was buy a very inexpensive
board from HyperTROL (in Boulder CO) which hooks up via the serial port.
The board has an 8 bit microcontroller (8052 I think) which you program in
basic via the serial port.  The board will run standalone and is easy to
interface with via Hypercard (calls to the serial port).  Right now mine is
being used as a fancy timer for a hydroponics setup.  The board is only $100.
Other cards are available for general D->A or A->D conversion.  They are a
bit more expensive and I'll probably build my own.  If you're willing to muck
around with hardware a bit but don't want to have to design everything, this
is probably a good way to go.


1. Connecting Mac IISi with 10 gallon Aquarium


I have a Mac IISi and a 10 gallon Aquarium. What I would like to
do first, is to measure temperature from aquarium with Mac. In the
beginning, I don't need any fancy (expensive) data-aquisition
packages, just something to hook into the Mac, something to drop
into the aquarium and to be able to write a small ThinkC-program
to read the temperature.

Any easy and cheap solutions?

Janne Ravantti

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