why does remote disk, once mounted, not show up on my Recently Used Servers list??

why does remote disk, once mounted, not show up on my Recently Used Servers list??

Post by Mike Levi » Sun, 06 Jan 2002 23:44:01

Hi All -

   I have an Apple G4 titanium running MacOs 9.1; I use AppleShare from home
to access a remote Mac's hard drive by TCPIP address (it then shows up on my
desktop). Usually, when I do this at work, the remote disk then shows up in
the "Recently Used Servers" submenu under the Apple menu. From then on, you
can just click it and the disk will be accessed without having to enter in
the IP address. It also remembers the username for the log-in. I think this
used to work the same way on my laptop also. But for some reason, when I do
this on my laptop now, the disk does not get added to the recently used
menu, which is a pain because it means I have to type in the IP address,
username, and password each time. Does anyone know why this might happen?
What controls whether it gets added to the Recently Used list? If you have



1. Why NDA's not showing up?


        In /root/System/CDevs, I have bunch of NDA which once showed up
        fine, but now they don't.  I removed one obscure NDA that acted
        as startup manager of other NDA's (I forget name off hand, but
        it was something like NDAMaster).  Now all NDA's in subfolder
        do not get activated.  I tried removing Finfo file, but only
        NDA showing up is Control Panel.  What's up?

        Also, I have a few DA of type "Classic" that *never* showed up.
        What are these?  How can I get system to recognize them?  Or
        are they useless since they're Classic and not New?

        System is IIGS, Rom03, 1Mb, 40Mb drive, System 5.0.4.  Also
        none of my Inits are getting loaded, too.  Please understand
        that I'm not too much of an Apple II engineer (but I'm trying)
        but fully understand Mac/Unix systems.  Thanks!!!

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