Need help in repair of two Apple Powerbooks

Need help in repair of two Apple Powerbooks

Post by Filip M Gieszczykiewi » Tue, 11 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Greetings. This is an update... the 270c is being dealt with on the
"buy a new/used MB" principle and we found someone who let us have one
cheap! (under $200) So, unless I hear otherwise, that is settled.

The 165c is another story!

There appears to be more mystery to the dying backlight on the 165c...
and it appears that it's the OS that is shutting it off since if I
keep the PB in reset mode (hit reset button when PB is just turned on
and the BL is full-on, since no de* installed I get a blank screen)
I can keep the BL on for hours! Nothing dims, nothing gets hot, no noises,
flickers, nothing out of the ordinary -> so it's NOT an overload of any
sort. When I reset the machine and it starts coming up... after about
7 seconds the display RAMPS down to ~25% brightness and stays there
until right before it clicks the speaker and plays the sound (hmmm) the
user installed, the BL ramps out and shuts off completely! That's what
you get for software control of life-support ;-)

I found a BackLight utility on mirror of Apples's server... see URL:

"Turn the backlight on a PowerBook off when the mouse has been idle
 for a specified time and you are working from the battery. ~10KB"

BTW, anyone know if this is any help:
(~400KB 9/29/95)

"A compilation of powerbook repairs, upgrades, and installations;
 Adobe Acrobat Reader required to read document."

Anyone have any hints?

Take care.

P.S. Cross-post carefully chosen. Followup will provide sources of
parts, etc. that I have found.

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The symptoms are the following:

For over a year, the monitor occasionally went black, but always came
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normal hiss of the power supply can also be heard. The power LED stays
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(using the "screen" control inside the monitor), I can see a horizontal
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voltage supply and the horizontal deflection unit are still working but
the vertical deflection unit is not. Unfortunately, I have no idea how
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