Read/Write Optical Disks

Read/Write Optical Disks

Post by brian e. toppi » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 19:24:00

I am currently beginning to look for a read/write optical disk drive.  I have
seen a few of them starting to surface, and heard some reports on them.  Has
anyone out there any suggestions as to which drives to look at closely?

I hope this hasn't been covered extensively already, I am new to this group.
Please post responses or email them and I will post a summary.

Thanks in advance! -bri


1. read/write optical disk drives

Hello world:

I am looking into purchasing a rewritable optical 128mb (or 256mb) hard drive
to attach to a Mac IIcx. They look good in print -- but are they really?
Need input..
Here are some of the "deals" I find in places like the back of "MacWorld" --

Magic128Optical (28 ms access time) incl  FWB Hammer Hard Disk Toolkit Lite
        128MB           $1299  (MOST based)
        256MB           $1599  (MOST based)
cartridges $59 each
(MacProducts USA)

PLI Infinity Optical 3.5 $price? (Sony based)
        (.. Other Sony based models ...)
DGR 128 MB Removable erasable optical $1499, incl FWB etc. (MOST based)

I think the differences between these rest principally on the mechanism used--
Sony based or MOST based.
1. Are there any other mechanisms (for rewritable m/o drives of this size)
        coming onto the market? Should I consider them (i.e. wait)?
2. If answer to (1) is NO, what is your judgement / opinion
        as to the relative merits of the two kinds of mechanism (Sony, MOST)
        that appear to prevail right now?
3. What about any "gotchas"? e.g. System 7 compat / incompat, conflicts with
        other inits / cdevs, incompatib between drives of same kind & diff mfr?

If you have experience with any of these drives, I would apprec your evaluation
-- send by e-mail -- I will be happy to summarize & post the results.

I will wait at least a week before doing so (unless I am deluged with
responses and begin to see some repetiveness ;-) )

Thanks all!

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