Print Spooler for ImageWriter II over AppleTalk

Print Spooler for ImageWriter II over AppleTalk

Post by Taylor Leami » Thu, 18 Jan 1990 01:09:11

I've been looking for an inexpensive print spooler for my 2-Mac office
which has an ImageWriter II w/AT option card and a small AppleTalk net.

It seems that Apple has neglected the large user-base of ImageWriters
when it released MultiFinder/Print Monitor -- it supports only
LaserWriters.  So, your Mac is still tied up with a print job to an
ImageWriter even under MF.

It appears that most Print Spoolers on the market support only

Does anyone have a *good* spooler, at a resaonable price, that they
would recommend?

Thanks in advance,

Taylor Leaming


Print Spooler for ImageWriter II over AppleTalk

Post by Fabian Fabe Ramir » Fri, 19 Jan 1990 06:14:45


Take a look at SuperMac's SuperLaserSpool 2.01, it will support all current
Apple printers...AppleTalk or direct connect.

Fabian Ramirez
SuperMac Technology



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Get SuperLaserSpool from SuperMac. Despite it's name it works just fine
with Appletalked-ImageWriter IIs. I have a Mac+,a II, and an ImageWriter
II (with Appletalk option) all connected via Tops, and it works just fine.

Ed Edell via cmhGate - Net 226 fido<=>uucp gateway Col, OH
UUCP: ...!osu-cis!n8emr!cmhgate!107!563!Ed.Edell

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