Interfacing Power Book G4 with Panasonic Printer?

Interfacing Power Book G4 with Panasonic Printer?

Post by Charles Marti » Mon, 03 Jun 2002 14:30:12

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Quote:> Is there a cost effective way to make my rather old Panasonic KX-P2123
> 24 pin PC printer work with my new Titanium G4 Power Book. I would like to
> use the printer for tractor feed 2 part forms.

I am led to understand that PowerPrint (a combination of software and a
special cable) may be able to make this happen. In fact, I just checked
the PDF of their printer compatibility list, and YES you can do this!!
Huzzah, and THANK YOU OS X!

Here's the page for the product you want:

Apparently the current version (5.0) will work with Mac OS X (in
"Classic" mode) or in OS 9. Just hand them your hard-earned $99 (you'll
get $30 back in a mail-in rebate) and away you go.


1. Interface to Panasonic parallel printer???

One friend of mine has a PC and a Panasonic KX-P1123 dot matrix printer.
He has offered to give the printer to another friend who was recently given
a Mac Plus.  I'm afraid I've never paid much attention to issues of dot
matrix printers, hoping I would never have to deal with them again!  This
Panasonic printer has only a parallel interface; Panasonic sells a $90
serial card for it but since it's only a $180 printer that doesn't seem to
be worth the cost.

Can anyone tell me a cheap way to interface this printer to a Mac Plus?  I
realize that a driver will be needed and well as a hardware interface, so
advice there is welcome also.

Please send email even if you also post, as comp.sys.mac.hardware does not
reach my site.


  (looking for programming contracts, especially Unisys A-Series)

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