Practical Peripherals 2400SA Modem

Practical Peripherals 2400SA Modem

Post by ephraim vishni » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 16:06:00

More about the Practical Peripherals 2400SA modem:

Someone inquired about the Hayes compatibility of this modem.  (Sorry, I'm
too lazy to go back and find the source article.)  Chapter 9 of the modem
manual is "Compatibility."  It lists the following exceptions to full
compatibility with a Hayes Smartmodem 2400:

        "1. The PM2400SA operates with ASYNCHRONOUS RS-232C signals
        only.  Timing, Replies, Delays, and all other characteristics
        should be 100% compatible with a Hayes Smartmodem 2400 in its
        Asynchronous Mode."

        "2. There is no SYNCHRONOUS mode in the PM2400SA.  The
        Synchronous registers and command set functionality are FULLY
        implemented, so from a software point of view, it looks like a
        functional Synchronous mode."

        "3. There is no `TR' LED on the front of the PM2400SA.  This
        LED is the DTR signal on the RS-232 connector and is monitored
        and supported like the Hayes Smartmodem 2400."

        "4. There are no Digital or Analog, Local or Remote Loopback
        tests implemented in the PM2400SA.  The PM2400SA does,
        however, do a functional test of its Microprocessor, the
        System ROM memory, its Non-volatile memory, and the Rockwell
        modem chipset each time it is powered on."

        "5. There is no `Dumb Mode Strap' in the PM2400SA.  Therefore,
        it will always understand commands sent it."

I used my PM2400SA for several hours over the weekend and continue to
be perfectly happy with it.  I had one failed file transfer, which
turned out to be due to my wife picking up another extension on the
same line.

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Practical Peripherals 2400SA Modem

Post by CaptainD.. » Fri, 02 Feb 1990 04:15:00

I have had mine for 3 weeks now and have had no problems with it. The only
drawback I can find is that it does not have autoredial built into the modem.
Other than that, it is a great little unit.



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Dear Readers,
Sorry about that last non-message. I just bought a new PP v.32bis modem
to replace my excruciatingly slow Apple 1200 baud model. However, while
the Apple modem worked fine with the Hayes Model Tool 1.0.2 (which is use
in conjunction with Eudora, a mail handler)--even with all of the
V-series features turned on-- the Hayes Modem Tool gives me a message
telling me that my PP modem is incompatible, and it advises me to turn on
the "reduced command set" option. For the life of me, I can't find that
option! Fiddling with the different V-series features and even turning
off feature navigation does not change anything. Any ideas? The PP modem
works fine with the Apple Modem Tool, but the HMT is much nicer. Please

    Yours truly,
    Marc Bizer

P.S. I've left a message for Hayes Customer Support on their BBS.

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