WANTED: Analog board from Mac 512Ke

WANTED: Analog board from Mac 512Ke

Post by William Edward Woo » Wed, 28 Nov 1990 13:31:32

I think the subject says it all.

I have inherited a Macintosh 512Ke with a dead analog board.  (Smoke from
a TO-220 on the analog board seems to say it all, but the disk drive and
the speaker give the usual signs that the CPU is alive and well.)

I wish to *replace* the analog board with one that works.  I will pay
reasonable cost and shipping to anyone out there who can help.  Pointers
are also greatly welcome.


Please reply directly to me as I do not read these groups quite a thorougly
as I would like and may miss a direct posting.

Flames about what in the name of h*ll I'm doing with a Macintosh 512Ke go
to /dev/null; just say it's part of a 'martian science experiment' and
leave it at that.


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1. WANTED: SE analog board and/or parts

I'm looking to repair my Mac SE, which has a bad VH capacitor.  I'm
looking for either an entire used analog board that still works, or
the single 3.9uF, 35V cap (C15, I believe), and perhaps also P1 and
L2.  I've already found out (thanks!) that Soft Solutions in Eugene,
Oregon has these parts, and I'll place an order there if no one out
there has any extras.

thanks, everyone!


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