Converting applications to desk accessories

Converting applications to desk accessories

Post by Stephen Haa » Sun, 15 Apr 1990 08:50:41

Does anyone know how to convert an application to a desk accessory? What I want
is to be able to select something from the apple menu and have it launch the
application.  I know it can be done because I have seen numerous programs that
were desk accessories...I've seen Tetris, Daleks, lots of other small games
and some other programs that I cant remember.

Send me mail...thanx


1. GS Desk Accessories - $15

I have the GS Desk Accessories for sale. It's in orig. box /w
manual. From Beagle Bros. Will sell for $15 plus postage:
                US postage $3.00
                Foreign:   $5.00

I live near Washington, DC, USA, not in Canada!

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