I've found my TREO and IPOD cases!

I've found my TREO and IPOD cases!

Post by Harris » Sun, 06 Jul 2003 05:23:49

Thank you for your help everybody for your great input and advice!
After searching high and low for a great case for my TREO and IPOD,
I've finally found it!

After reading a great review from the INSTYLE magazine and Treo
Central, I took the chance and made a purchase from TESKI.  Now after
a few months, I am absolutely satisfied with my purchase of the both
TESKI TREO PDA case for myself, and an elegant IPOD case for my wife.
In addition, they make cases for other major PDA makers (ie
Blackberry, Clie, Symbol, Palm), which I need for my account managers.
 To this day, I am still amaze by the quality workmanship, styling,
and composition look!  Certainly a die for!

Check it out!

Integer Solutions, Inc.  

T: Wholesale IT Networking and Server Solutions from Cisco, Extreme,
Juniper, 3Com, Nortel, and others.


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