Info on Sanyo monitor wanted

Info on Sanyo monitor wanted

Post by Bill Barn » Fri, 02 Jul 1993 06:20:59

I need information on the Sanyo 2000 GVM 20" multi-sync monitor.  In
particular, I need to know if we can hook one up to a Mac IIci's
built-in video and run it at 640x480 (using a standard VGA adapter
cable), and if not what sort of video card we need.  If anyone can
provide me with this info - or just give me Sanyo's number so I can
call them - I would appreciate it.  Thank you.
William Barnes          SURAnet Operations

Disclaimer:  I don't speak for SURAnet and they don't speak for me.

1. Fs 9" b/w Sanyo Video Monitor

  I have for sale:
  Sanyo Video monitor, model number VM 4509.
  It's  9" (9 inch) and B/W (black & white).

This monitor is suitable for a number of purposes, like for a
video surveillance system or some other video related purpose (like for use

as a monitor connected to a camcorder/VCR or video-editing-deck
type machine.
  The monitor also would work with the output from old Apple II computers.

I'm asking $100 plus S&H/COD.
Please email with any offers if you think this is too high.

Best Regards,
Ron Jones

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