Iisi Adapter Cards

Iisi Adapter Cards

Post by Nelson Stee » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 01:44:25

When will the NuBus and 030 adapter cards for the IIsi become
available?  My dealer has no clue.


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Iisi Adapter Cards

Post by Jim Gayn » Sat, 03 Nov 1990 06:33:19


>My dealer has no clue.

        <sigh> It's been a long time since I've met a dealer who -did-
have a clue, let alone one who would recognize a clue if one presented
itself and proceeded to devour said dealer.

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1. IIsi adapter card

For personal use, the only extension card being normally added, I think, will
be the 24-bit color board. And the IIsi is  not fast enough to run a good graphic
application even at 8-bit mode. Why people still want a NuBus adapter, which is
slower than the PDS, to have 24-bit color. There are many PDS 24-bit color
board spcially designed for the IIsi. These accelerated card draw much less
power than the apple 8.24GC card that means it won't burn your machine and cost
much less than the 8.24GC. Ilove the 8.24GC BUT we CANNOT use it in IIsi. And
also the 8.24GC is NOT compatible w/ system 7.0, that is why we have to turn it
off almost all the time in our computer lab.

There are some adapter cards on the market now offering an extra slot for the
IIsi to upgrate it speed while retaining an PDS for any other use, like adding
the 24-Bit color board.

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