Auto mount file for CD ROM presentation under Mac OS X

Auto mount file for CD ROM presentation under Mac OS X

Post by Wil Bursto » Fri, 18 Jul 2003 17:42:04


I have been preparing a presentation for distribution on CDROM, based around
a HTML page to launch the various components for the end user.

Does anyone know how to create an auto mount file for OS X, that will
automatically load the HTML page when the disc is inserted in a Mac running
X? There seems to be no documentation, nor can I find an app to complete
this process.

Many thanks in advance



1. GS/OS and mounting CD-ROM discs

    I wonder if anyone has seen this particular problem before...

    I have an Apple CD300e Plus CD-ROM drive connected to a RamFAST.
It's been working wonderfully up to this point (even so far as reading
all CD-R color dyes) but for some odd reason, refuses to mount four
specific *factory pressed* CD's under GS/OS or the Finder desktop.

    I connected the CD drive to a Mac LC 475 and those four discs
mount just fine, meaning either it's a RamFAST, HS.FST or GS/OS
issue. I just don't understand WHY they won't mount--they're plain
pressed CD's (not burned), they follow IS0-9660 rules properly and
two of them are actually DiscPassage titles Sequential Systems
packaged and sold with RamFAST cards. They're even detected
within the RamFAST's menu (disc size, etc) but remains invisible
under GS/OS. The titles are:

- DiscPassage: "Shakespeare", 1992 (HFS and DOS)
- DiscPassage: "Sherlock Holmes", 1992 (HFS and DOS)
- A hybrid data/audio CD, 2000 (HFS and DOS)
- A Mac HFS CD printed by Chinon, 1990 (HFS only)

    Unlike the others, when I insert the Chinon HFS disc, GS/OS
rings the error bell after trying to mount it but no error message
is displayed. I can also see it's HFS volume name in the RF
menu, however it's checked off as inactive/offline.

    What could be the problem? Something with the SCSI chain
set up or the RamFAST and this particular drive? It does work
fine with other pressed CD's and CD-R's, so I'm not sure what
makes these four special.

Mitchell Spector

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